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All About Avocados

We can all agree that avocados is one of the tastiest superfruit ever created, yes I said fruit not vegetable! Besides making our food or smoothies taste delicious, avocados are also AMAZING for our hair! Supplying the best proteins, nutrients, amino acids and vitamins these fruits have earned their name! Avocado are not new to helping with hair, skin or diet they have been helping us for years and will continue to help us in the future. Now lets talk about some of the amazing features of the Avocado.  Replenishes Hair: Avocados in the famous words of Beyonce "Give you life" . Especially to dry, old or damaged hair. By giving the needed the proteins, and vitamins such as A,...

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Tackling Wash Day

Wash day is another importance for hair health. Although it could be a headache, it is definitely worth it in the end so let’s get started into some keys things to make your wash day more beneficial and a lot easier.  1) Detangler: This is key because detangling will make your wash process easier. Pre- detangling while pre-pooing benefits you because one you’re making your hair a lot easier to work with in the shower. With pre-pooing it’s naturally helping with either breaking down buildup on your scalp or to help with making your hair softer and repair any damage that was recently done between washes. On average this process should last 10 minutes minimum.  2) In the shower after...

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Lets Talk Protective Styles

Hey! There are a few different  definitions of protective styles, some say that protective styles are anything that has your ends hidden while others say that protective styles are anything that is hiding the majority or all of your hair. My definition is both are protective styles. Both are helping your hair to some extent. In this blog, I'm going to be focusing on the styles like braids, weaves, crochets, and wigs basically anything that requires weave and braiding or crochets. I'm focusing on these primarily now versus natural protective styles because I feel like this information can be a lot more useful for the moment. I will publish a natural protective styles as well. Lets start! The primarily goal with...

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How to Dye Your Hair Without Causing Massive Damage

Hey guys, So recently I went a lighter color with my hair, which at first was scary for me. Due to the fact that my hair was/ is in such a healthy state right now. Luckily, I  planned a month before I did decide to go lighter. If you already died your hair and are experiencing extreme dryness then this blog will help you too! So lets jump into it. 1) Prepping Your Hair! I personally underestimated this step! But let me tell you, increasing your protein intake atleast a month prior to you dying your hair will save your hairs life. Since hair dye normally removes a huge amount of proteins from your hair. I say to increase your intake prior...

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best and worst foods to eat for hair growth and hair health

   What’s Up!  So if you read my last blog about hair growth ( if you haven’t go check it out) then I know why you’re here! Food is key to hair growth and can even help with strengthening your hair while allowing it be shinier. That’s only if you’re eating the right foods. Protein rich food along with foods that include Omega -3 are so good for your hair since your hair is a protein. With that being said let’s keep scrolling and finding out which powerful foods could contribute to having  longer healthier hair. Also, I made sure to have each food item be something for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack to make possible meal plans a lot...

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