How to Dye Your Hair Without Causing Massive Damage

Hey guys,

So recently I went a lighter color with my hair, which at first was scary for me. Due to the fact that my hair was/ is in such a healthy state right now. Luckily, I  planned a month before I did decide to go lighter. If you already died your hair and are experiencing extreme dryness then this blog will help you too! So lets jump into it.

1) Prepping Your Hair!

I personally underestimated this step! But let me tell you, increasing your protein intake atleast a month prior to you dying your hair will save your hairs life. Since hair dye normally removes a huge amount of proteins from your hair. I say to increase your intake prior to, because a lot of people already are lacking in receiving the right amount of proteins to allow for healthy hair. So if you are then increase it and build your hair proteins to be as strong as possible before you add these chemicals! Don't forget to continue to eat the same amount regardless to keep your hair looking its best!

2) Lifting Vs Bleaching Vs Box Dye

Okay first of all DONT USE BOX DYE! They're cheap for a reason. The amount of chemicals in it, along with the short amount of time that will last in your hair is all BAD.  Bleaching is another horror story, Im 100% sure that everyone has bleached their hair once and has experienced the headache from it. I'm hoping that no one has returned to that cause honestly what is left from bleaching? Your hair will definitely be fried and over-dyed once the whole process is done. Lifting is honestly the best way to dye your hair. My stylist ( Kingsley Strickland BEST for curly hair in the Austin/ Houston Area) uses a high lift color and volume developer. Since I'm transitioning into blonde that's the color we typically use. So definitely mention that to your hair stylist or you can use Kingsley cause he's just amazing!

3) Take it Slow

One way that I am able to maintain my healthy hair is by taking it slow. I don't over dye my hair or do to much at one time. I sat through a 6/7 hour process of bleaching and dying my hair once and that is what one of the reasons I shaved my head 4 years ago. Trying to get it done all in one sitting, will damage your hair worse than anything. So avoid if you can plus it cost more. I typically redye my hair every 6 months or once a year. But each time I am going lighter to get to the color that I want. I also have learned to do it half and half. Meaning I do my full head first then I will go back in 6 months and do the highlights. If my stylist isn't in Houston then I will wait til I can see him. Recently, we just did the highlights of blonde that will move into a full head being blonde.

4) Hair Treatments!

Now if you really know me, then you know I'm borderline OBSESSED with my hot oil treatments. Like I cant imagine my life without one. Scary to even picture it. So listen to me when I say that Hot Oil Treatment are now your best friend too. Especially since you wanted to dye that beautiful head of yours. Lol but seriously I do my hot oil treatment once a week, Tuesdays to be exact I don't know why I choose the middle of the week but I did. If you have thicker hair I would suggest Friday/ Saturday, cause the washing process with dyed hair is long! With the hot oil treatment I suggest warming your chose of oil ( I use my Be Cute Not Dry Moisturizing Oil its VERY lightweight but has all of the nutrients I need in one bottle)  up via stove then to apply it to your head ( this should be done after you shampoo your hair of course) for about 10-15 mins. I also suggest using a warm toilet or a plastic bag or both. For more benefits.

5) Keratin Protein Treatments

Currently another go to after I shampoo my hair ( yes I use my shampoo bar its honestly the one thing I trust with my dyed hair) I use the Keratin Protein treatment BlonMe ( Schwarzkopf)  you can find it online. It is a little pricey but worth it. (I actually saw one for 15.89 on overstock.) Especially if you're wanting to dye your hair blonde or any lighter color. If you don't want to spend that amount of money then look up keratin protein treatment and go based off reviews don't just buy!

6) Your Diet

Yep I am back with this one, because I don't think yall understand the importance of your diet for your hair health. IT WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU! Do you want long healthy hair or do you want to constantly make appointments to get it cut after you dyed it? What you put in your body reflects on you physically. From your hair to your skin, your nails everything so treat yourself right but please drink water, eat kale, spinach, fish and meditate lol be one with yourself. If you have questions about what to eat then go back and review my food blog, I broke it down for you!


I hope this blog helps you all with your hair health. As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me I do give out hair care regimens along with answering any questions that weren't covered in my blog! Let me know what color you're going and if this blog helped you!

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