Lets Talk Protective Styles


There are a few different  definitions of protective styles, some say that protective styles are anything that has your ends hidden while others say that protective styles are anything that is hiding the majority or all of your hair. My definition is both are protective styles. Both are helping your hair to some extent.

In this blog, I'm going to be focusing on the styles like braids, weaves, crochets, and wigs basically anything that requires weave and braiding or crochets. I'm focusing on these primarily now versus natural protective styles because I feel like this information can be a lot more useful for the moment. I will publish a natural protective styles as well.

Lets start!

The primarily goal with wearing protective styles is to help your hair. Correct? You want growth or maintain healthy hair in general so you invest into this style. Protective styles are great don't get me wrong, but unfortunately protective styles can do more damage than good. Why is that? Well first, we as women love how we look and the easy upkeep of a protective style versus the upkeep of our natural hair. I am guilty of doing this as well. The key to preventing this is to have a for sure time period in which you are not wearing any protective style. No weaves, wigs, braids, or crochets. You need to take a break from hair pulling because hair pulling can lead to breakage, or balding. A lot of women suffer from traction alopecia. That's when you have developed a balding spot from weaves or constant pulling from a protective style.

To prevent that at all cost you can simply get a protective style for only 4 weeks. On average a style should last about this long. You don't want to exceed more than a month because one your hair will be dirty, and two your hair will be tangled. Even with braids or Havana twist, or whatever style you choose it is very important to not exceed over a month. In order to obtain growth and a healthy head a cleanse is needed atleast once a month. If you exceed a month your scalp pores will be so clogged from all of the products that it will be disgusting. On top of that your hair will be beyond tangled by the 4th week.  The more tangled your hair then the more hair that will come out when you do take out your style which will defeat the purpose. Lastly, the dryness 4 weeks with not hydrating your full hair strand will definitely make your hair dry. Even if you are apply products to your scalp. Its important to provide moisture from water to your entire hair strand followed by a sealant such as oil or a leave in to help with keeping your hair moisturized.

Next, pulling. Now this is very important. How your stylist does your protective style can make or snatch you. Literally leave you edgeless or just balding depending on where the tight braiding was at. If you feel like your eyes are chink or like you will need a pain reliever then get back in that chair and get it loosened up. I know the old saying "beauty is pain" but beauty won't have you out here like edgeless. Tightness doesn't equal neatness or longevity the tighter your style the more fallout you will have when you take it out. Remember that.  

Now, to much of a good thing can be bad right. That includes protective styles. Youre going from sew-ins to braids to faux locs to sew-ins back to braids and your hair is only breathing during the take down, the washing process, and deep condition. Do you see the problem? Your hair is not breathing like it should. On top of that you are not giving your hair the proper break from the pulling and the tension from the weaves, braiding hair or whatever youre picking. At the end of the day your hair needs a break from it. Yeah the protective styles are cute but learning how to rock your natural hair is cute as well. Take time away from it and play with your hair. Look into cute buns to wear those are also protective styles that keep your ends hidden and protected from the weather. Regardless end the constantly cycle of thinking that protective styles are the only way to go. If you love them hey I like them lol but personally if youre trying to really grow your hair out then you are going to have to take a break.


I hope this blog answered any questions that you all had and I look forward to receiving more emails!

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