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Okay I am answering the question I get asked so much. HOW DID I GROW MY HAIR BACK SO FAST. Now before my big chop my hair was fried, died and literally breaking off in the shower. I tried everything from making my own protein treatments, (avocado, honey and egg were my favorite) to deep conditioning once a week and cutting the dead parts off. Nothing worked for me and I felt so hopeless cause it was my hair. It didn't matter what I did my roots were fried and just breaking. At one point I even started developing a bald spot. Which was my breaking point.

But anyway here are some of my best tips that I use for growth. If you do it correctly you'll see growth the most I saw was a inch in one month.


First: Water is your best friend. You have all around you so USE IT. Before you style use water. If you're thirsty drink water. Water is key to all things good including hair growth. You need it! While styling I use water continuously to also help apply products. 

Two: Retaining moisture I'm in love with oil. If you know me that's my go to. I use oil in the shower after shampooing or to help refresh my curls. Of course I use my Oh La Length to help with my growth. Or my Be Cute Not Dry to help with controlling my split ends. I do hot oil treatments as well, I take portion out of the bottle and warm it up through the stove and apply it throughout my scalp and of course massage it. For hot oil treatments I keep it on for about 30-45 mins with a hot toilet over my head and a plastic bag. This works for better results.    

 Three: Your diet is soooo important. So many people underestimate that statement. Your diet is key because whatever you eat gets broken down into your bloodstream. And you want whatever you eat to be the best so that you're able to produce the best you. So drink a lot water and focus on foods that are high in protein. Check out my food blog to help.

Four: Scalp Massages. LOVE THEM. Theres a HUGE trick use this please. When Im applying products or simply refreshing my curls. I put my head upside, for 2 songs ( 8-9 minutes ) and massage my head thoroughly. I do it mainly with oils since Im getting that blood flowing. Blood flow is key to growth. Also keep your hands out of head after you do your daily scalp massages. Fingers in your head equals more dirt and more pulling.

Five: Less friction.  Pulling your hair constantly is the one of the quickest to slow down hair growth. Brushing your hair back into a tight bun, ponytail or constantly manipulating it is NOT OKAY. Im not afraid to say that Im a lazy hair person, cause my hair grows this way, buns are my favorite. Especially at night I love my pineapple and a satin scarf. Also, protective styles ( if done correctly) are great as well. I love Havana twist those are perfect for my hair cause they are extremely lightweight and easy to install Any styles that last for 3-4 days are perfect the less you have to manipulate your hair the more growth you'll see. Beware with protective styles though make sure they’re not pulling to tight and that you only leave them in for about 4 weeks with hair breaks. 

Six: Last one, I definitely saved the best for last. CONSISTENCY. We know all to well that all great things come from consistency and means the same for your hair. Find a hair regimen that works and keep it! Youtube, google, ask questions, try different things find what works and keep doing it. Consistency is key for hair growth!


I hope these tips work for you the same way it worked for me. Please feel free to email me any questions you have at




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