Tackling Wash Day

Wash day is another importance for hair health. Although it could be a headache, it is definitely worth it in the end so let’s get started into some keys things to make your wash day more beneficial and a lot easier. 

1) Detangler: This is key because detangling will make your wash process easier. Pre- detangling while pre-pooing benefits you because one you’re making your hair a lot easier to work with in the shower. With pre-pooing it’s naturally helping with either breaking down buildup on your scalp or to help with making your hair softer and repair any damage that was recently done between washes. On average this process should last 10 minutes minimum. 

2) In the shower after you rinse out the detangler and pre poo. Start with your shampooing make sure to fully massage your scalp. A clean scalp is #1 to helping allow those nutrients to enter to help increase growth and hair health so make sure to scrub your scalp good. 

3) When conditioning keep it in your hair for a good 2-3 minutes then after you rinse it out repeat the shampooing and conditioning process again. You’re assuring that your scalp is really clean. 

4) After the wash process a deep conditioner and hot oil treatment is needed! You’ve stripped away so many nutrients and proteins so replacing them is needed. So a 30-45 minutes deep condition is recommended the longer the better. After you rinse out the deep condition for extra nutrients and proteins a hot oil treatments is best. Warm the oil up for a few minutes using the stove. I warm mine up using a plastic container over a small pot with water below it. This helps with preserving the nutrients in the oil. Then I apply the hot oil to my scalp. 

Dont forget to stay away from cotton towels. I use either a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt that is dri fit material. Also, while deep conditioning it’s best to put your hair in low loose bun until you rinse it out, this will help with keeping in nutrients and protecting your ends. 


I hope these tips make your wash day easier as always comment and let me know how it worked! 



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