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hair growth secrets

 What's Up y'all! Okay I am answering the question I get asked so much. HOW DID I GROW MY HAIR BACK SO FAST. Now before my big chop my hair was fried, died and literally breaking off in the shower. I tried everything from making my own protein treatments, (avocado, honey and egg were my favorite) to deep conditioning once a week and cutting the dead parts off. Nothing worked for me and I felt so hopeless cause it was my hair. It didn't matter what I did my roots were fried and just breaking. At one point I even started developing a bald spot. Which was my breaking point. But anyway here are some of my best tips that I use for...

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PAUSE! Do you REALLY know your hair type?

Hey Y'all! Okay so, we have all been there before, knowing our hair type but not truly knowing it. We have been told so many times that we can only have ONE hair type/texture but is that really true? Its so aggravating because one day your hair is a 4a the next you feel like okay maybe I'm a 3c. Trust me, I have been there and it’s such a headache. But don't believe the hype cause you can definitely have more than one hair type in your head. Yes, I said it not everyone has 1 distinct texture in their head. I know I for sure don’t! My curls are types 2c in some areas 3a-3c in the majority...

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