Q: How long does it take for my hair to grow? 

A: On average if you are applying the products correctly such as daily then growth on average should start within 30-45 days. That is the average life span of regenerating cells. Hair follicles cells are the fastest growing cells regenerating every 30 days, so it is VERY important to be consistent during that time to ensure that you will see growth. 

Q: Is food really important for hair growth? 

A: Yes, what you eat is crucial for your hair growth. The more protein rich items that are in your diet the better your hair, face and body will be. So make sure to eat your eggs, yogurt, chicken, and most important  drink your WATER. Cut out high sugar foods and drinks along with white processed foods. 

Q: Which styles are best for hair growth? 

A: Protective styles! Im not talking about weaves or wigs, those are okay if you're not doing them to often. But the best protective styles will be buns. I honestly prefer low buns over high buns just cause my high buns are huge. Braids are another plus and require no touch up work. With braids and any styles that requires adding weave you need to be careful with the amount of tension. So less pulling on the edges and throughout your hair.