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Owner Message



Hey y'all!

I'm Manaesia Young the proud owner and founder of Moisturize Me Hair Care.  I created Moisturize Me Hair Care in 2017 with the intentions of encouraging everyone to join the organic side of hair care, while also providing the keys tips to help you attain the healthiest, and strongest hair. My chemistry and biology background has allowed me to study hair from the follicle to outer part; and the properties of hair along with the things that make hair the best it can be!

 In doing so, I am also working endlessly to expand my brand to allow you to have more choices when it comes to being able to afford luxury hair care products at an affordable price. I look forward to helping you get to your hair goal, while also having you join the Moisturize Me Hair Care family. If you have any questions regarding my products, or any hair related questions please do not hesitate to email me at : moisturizeme.cs@gmail.com


Thank you for checking out Moisturize Me Hair Care and I look forward to receiving your order. 


-Manaesia Young